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Cleaning and servicing your Solar Panel System: Why?

Have you ever jumped in your car and looked out the window then pulled on the widow wipers, giving your window a blast of water and a quick wipe? Makes a difference to what you can see. Did you know your solar panels maybe seeing the same view when it comes to them looking at the Sun?

Factors such as dust, pollution, leaves, sea salt spray, as well as bird and bat droppings can reduce the efficiency of your panels. This has been approx. 20% but, in some cases, this has been up to 40%!

Won’t the rain wash away most of this?

In the past this was generally thought to be the case. But to put it simply, if you left your car out for a week and it rains, can you see clearly out of the window when you get in it? What if that annoying bird that keeps flying over leaving its droppings on there? Just like our cars, rain isn’t enough. Your Solar panels need a good clean to work how they should giving you the most back from your investment.

Also, like a car, your Solar panel system needs a regular check and service to make sure it is running correctly, and any issues are addressed before they became major problems. As a licensed electrician, and installer of solar panel systems, we at ElectricHill, not only clean your panels, but we have expert knowledge, so we can provide you with a full service, including photos, checklists and a report to make sure your investment will keep running at 100% for a long, long time.

(Not only that, we are able to help you with getting the most out of your electricity provider. Making sure you get the best tariffs and discounts in your area. Ask us!)

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Luke & Aimee ThomasLuke & Aimee Thomas

Would highly recommend Trent for any electrical service. Very professional and high quality. A++++ work everytime.