Cleaning and servicing your Solar Panel System: Why?

With Government rebates available for the panels you put on, now is a great time to install a Solar Array onto your Property. Offsetting what you use through out the day is the best way to not only save $$$ but you are also contributing to the offset of carbon emissions.

ElectricHill has a team that can provide you with the best options for your solar needs. We can also help in finding you the best deal an energy retailer, so you can maximize what you get back when you are feeding in to the grid.

Even if you are not at home through the day, you can still harness and store the power you need for when you get home or int the event of a blackout. Tesla, LG and other battery systems are becoming readily available, and now you can be nearly independent producing your own electricity via your Solar array and Battery system. Contact us today to get a quote or information on the system you are looking for.

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Luke & Aimee ThomasLuke & Aimee Thomas

Would highly recommend Trent for any electrical service. Very professional and high quality. A++++ work everytime.