Home Automation

Home automation has been around for a while now, and the technology keeps getting stronger and stronger in what you can control. Hardwired solutions are extremely powerful with brands such as C-Bus, Control4 and iZone providing a huge variety of options. Pricing has always been an issue with systems like this, with some installations potentially costing a small fortune and not being overly flexible for the user.

ElectricHill wants to make sure you get what you want in a system. Whether it’s the flexibility of a small system that can go to your next property to the intricacy of a 1 button push where, for example, a bedtime mode is initiated where all lighting is slowly dimmed to off, turning off all appropriate outlets and closing blinds.

The use now of Wifi enabled devices have created an almost endless option of what you can control via your phone, tablet or PC. Not only that, you are able to sync these up to your Google Home, Amazon Echo or Apple HomePod and control what you want via your voice. And most of these are “Plug and Play” devices. Meaning that you can move them, rename and repurpose them when you want. ElectricHill has installed such a small system in their own home, contact us and ask how you can get this type of system in your house for a fractional price compared to other solutions.